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You Deserve a Breath of Fresh Air

Superior indoor air quality gives you more than just a breath of fresh air. The Environmental Protection Agency and other major health organizations stress the important links between IAQ and your well-being. Bakersfield is recognized as one of the dirtiest-air cities in America, and that means residents should take extra steps to keep indoor air fresh and clean. To help you achieve the excellent IAQ you deserve, Monarch Home Services provides a comprehensive suite of affordably priced air quality services for residential customers.

Leading IAQ Services

Our NATE- and EPA-certified team of IAQ experts is here to help you breathe easy. Call 888.834.2571 to schedule IAQ service and installation. Comprehensive services include:

  • Air Scrubber Plus: The Air Scrubber Plus combines a germ-zapping UV lighting system with our advanced air scrubber to eliminate contaminants and impurities in the air you breathe.
  • Air Ranger filtering system: Add this hyper-efficient particulate matter filter to any system to get rid of even the smallest particles. Combined with our Air Scrubber Plus technology, the Air Ranger filter will deliver hospital-quality indoor air.
  • Duct cleaning: Dirt buildup in your ducts circulates impurities throughout your home. You’ll notice an immediate improvement after a professional duct cleaning.
  • High-efficiency duct systems: Leaky ducts waste power and give pollutants entry points into your air circulation system. Upgrade to a high-efficiency duct system that improves energy efficiency and helps you breathe easier.
  • High-performance registers: Your registers play an essential role in maintaining good IAQ. High-performance models improve air circulation, boost the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, and help you lower your energy costs.
  • Maximum airflow package: A whole-building approach yields the best results when it comes to improving IAQ. Our Maximum Airflow Package delivers outstanding value and dramatic, sustained air quality improvements.

Monarch IAQ services are backed by our industry-leading quality standards, NATE and EPA certifications and great reviews from satisfied past customers.

Improve Your IAQ Today

Monarch Home Services’ twin locations in Bakersfield and Fresno enable us to provide elite IAQ and HVAC services to residential clients throughout central California and the San Joaquin Valley. To help you save, we also offer monthly specials and coupons, so be sure to check for the latest deals.

Transform your home and enjoy all the health and energy-saving benefits that come with excellent IAQ. Contact Monarch Home Services today to schedule service, or call 888.834.2571 now!