New Air Duct Systems in Fresno & Bakersfield

Invest in HVAC Efficiency

According to PG&E, you could save up to 36% on annual cooling costs with a high-quality air conditioning installation. As you’re preparing to build a home or upgrade your home’s HVAC system, don’t forget the ductwork. According to ENERGY STAR®, up to 20% of your home’s conditioned air could be lost through leaky or poorly designed ducts. Monarch Home Services is the team to trust when it’s time to repair, seal or replace your central California ductwork.

Benefits of New Ductwork

  • Enhanced comfort. Duct leaks and pressure changes lead to humidity imbalances and reduced HVAC performance. Your new ductwork installation helps to stabilize humidity levels and keep you more comfortable, year round.
  • Energy savings. Your energy efficiency takes a costly hit when conditioned air is lost to duct leaks or drops in air pressure. A new or repaired duct system can lower utility bills and drastically improve your HVAC system’s efficiency.
  • Cleaner indoor air. Leaky or damaged ducts may allow harmful pollutants to enter your home. New duct systems protect your family by keeping circulating air clean and healthy.
  • Eco-friendly. Wasted air contributes to a larger carbon footprint. With new or replacement ductwork, eco-savvy California homeowners can maintain their desired comfort level while protecting the environment.

If a new HVAC system is not in your budget, you can reduce duct leaks using DIY duct repair. Clean the area to be repaired with soapy dishwater and allow it to dry completely. Use Underwriters Laboratory UL-181 approved aluminum sealing tape, purchased at a hardware store or home and garden center. Apply several passes of tape, slightly overlapping each time. Use a putty knife to adhere tape firmly and create an airtight seal. If you are not comfortable making DIY duct repairs, contact the Monarch experts for competitively priced duct sealing.

Fresno & Bakersfield Ductwork Experts

After more than two decades serving central CA, the Monarch Home Services team has seen its share of leaky and failing ducts. Before you invest thousands in a new, high-efficiency AC or heating system, schedule a ductwork analysis. It’s easy to forget about your home’s ventilation system until you notice rising energy bills or uncomfortable hot spots. Monarch diagnoses duct problems, tests your home’s air balance and recommends cost-effective solutions to your home comfort crisis.

Schedule Duct Analysis in Fresno

Since 2002, Monarch Home Services has earned the trust of thousands of central CA homeowners. We’re residential heating and cooling specialists with industry-leading NATE and EPA certifications, and we’ll provide a fair and honest evaluation of your home’s duct system before recommending ductwork installation. With new ducts throughout your Bakersfield, CA house, you’ll feel the difference. Request a free installation estimate by calling 888.834.2571 today.

And, next time you need heating or cooling service, don’t forget to check our exclusive online offers for year-round HVAC savings!