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Optimize Indoor Air Quality with an Advanced Filtration System

Low indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major problem throughout California, but especially in Bakersfield and the surrounding region. Beyond the state’s notorious struggle with traffic-related air pollution, the hot climate forces homeowners to close up their houses during warm-weather months. Tightly sealed homes trap impurities and particulates indoors, where they begin to circulate through vents and into the air we breathe.

What Causes Indoor Air Quality Problems?

Many factors contribute to low indoor air quality. Households with pets and smokers are at particularly high risk, but everyday buildup of dust and pollutants can take a major toll on IAQ over time. HVAC systems recirculate these contaminants throughout homes and buildings, creating a cycle that’s hard to break.

Air infiltration and natural building ventilation systems also introduce outdoor air to interior spaces, and this can make the problem worse. TIME magazine has named Bakersfield the dirtiest-air city in America, and that means the “fresh” air you let in from the outdoors probably isn’t fresh at all. Fortunately, the Monarch Home Services team has an effective and affordable solution that delivers hospital-quality indoor air to homes throughout Bakersfield and Fresno.

Breathe Easy with Monarch’s Proven Air Filtration Solutions

The Air Scrubber Plus system is a highly efficient line of defense against indoor air pollutants. It combines an advanced air scrubber with UV light technology to zap organic pollutants and particulates while removing harmful trace gases. UV light is known to kill airborne microorganisms that contribute to air degradation. It’s the main reason outdoor air tends to be so much cleaner and healthier than indoor air.

Monarch also supplies and installs the Air Ranger filtration system, which is compatible with just about any HVAC infrastructure. The Air Ranger continually works to remove even the smallest trace pollutants while eliminating odors, noxious gases and other harmful impurities.

Together, these two cutting-edge products make massive indoor air quality improvements, creating hospital-quality indoor air that’s virtually free of pollutants and trace impurities.

Learn More or Schedule IAQ Service

Thanks to the elite training of Monarch’s NATE- and EPA-certified technicians, we’re able to enhance the effectiveness of the Air Scrubber Plus and Air Ranger systems through optimized installation and system setup. We’ve got a lengthy track record of total customer satisfaction, and we take great pride in our work. Twin locations in Bakersfield and Fresno enable us to serve homes throughout central California. Take advantage of our comprehensive indoor air quality services: call 888.834.2571 to schedule a free consultation.