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What Does an Air Duct Cleaning Service Entail?

What Does an Air Duct Cleaning Service Entail?

What Does an Air Duct Cleaning Service Entail?

An air duct cleaning service entails steps to remove dust, particulates, and various other contaminants. The service provider will clean the supply and return ducts during the process. They’ll also clean registers, grills, diffusers, and important parts of your HVAC system, such as the coils, fan motor, and condensate drain pan. An air duct cleaning service is recommended if your ducts are clogged, pests have damaged them, you have allergies or respiratory issues, or mold is growing in the ductwork.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire an HVAC professional to clean the system:

A Thorough Inspection

The technician will need to access your ducts. Therefore, clear all vents and ensure they’re not blocked by furniture or clutter. Also, ensure an easy path to the air handler and plenums. They’re typically near the furnace in the basement, garage, attic, or utility closet.

While you can see only so far into ducts (dirt and debris buildup behind vents indicate further contamination), a professional has more advanced tools. They may use cameras to inspect remote parts of your ductwork. Aside from identifying the dirtiest areas, they can also find leaks, loose connections, and kinks to determine if any ducts need repairs or replacement.

Negative Pressure Is Applied

Negative pressure is an important part of an air duct cleaning service. A large vacuum system may be truck-mounted or portable. Its hose is connected to a duct near the air handler. Oftentimes, the technician cuts an access hole in the duct to fit the hose (it will be sealed later). This process will be performed separately for the supply side, which distributes air throughout your home, and the return side, which sends air back to the furnace or AC unit.

Next, adhesive covers are placed on the registers. These allow a vacuum to be created. The vacuum unit is then turned on and negative pressure helps suck particles into the collection system.

The Dust Is Agitated

Your ducts will be cleaned one at a time while negative pressure is applied. An experienced technician uses vacuum cleaners, rotating brushes, air-whipping tools, and air compressors to dislodge dust and debris. All the while, you’ll hear the sound of vacuums and banging as brushes and other tools are moved throughout your ductwork.

Beware of any technician who uses only a small air compressor and sprays some disinfectant into the duct. It’s a sign they’re less experienced and improperly trained. Trained professionals use sophisticated equipment to clean HVAC ducts thoroughly.

An HVAC System Cleaning

An air duct cleaning service usually isn’t limited to your ductwork. After the ducts and vents are cleaned, components such as the evaporator coil, blower motor, and drain pan are often cleaned per recommendations by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA). Many contaminants that build up in air ducts can make their way into HVAC components, where they can interfere with performance, reduce efficiency, and reduce heating or cooling capacity. They can also cause overheating and equipment breakdowns.

After the process is complete, the service provider should test your HVAC system. It allows them to verify dust and other contaminants have been removed. They can also determine whether the system is running correctly or whether there are remaining issues to address. 

How Long Does an Air Duct Cleaning Service Take?

A thorough air duct cleaning should take three to five hours. Uncertified and less experienced contractors may take less time, but this doesn’t guarantee the process is done correctly. The length of time depends on the size of your home, how contaminated the system is, and the number of professionals working on the job.

What Is the Cost of Air Duct Cleaning?

According to the NADCA, cleaning an average-sized home’s air duct system costs $450 to $1,000.¹ The type of ductwork, size of your HVAC system, accessibility, number of technicians required, and the level of contamination affect the cost of service. For example, mold remediation may be added to the total cost of the service. Cleaning sprays, such as chemical biocides, may be used if mold is present. The contractor should explain the processes and products they intend to use and determine the underlying reason for the problem.

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We provide air duct cleaning in Fresno, Bakersfield, and throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Our NATE- and EPA-certified HVAC technicians get the job done right. An air duct cleaning is recommended if anyone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, or chronic respiratory conditions; also, schedule air duct maintenance if you have pets, water contamination, moisture or humidity issues, or have recently renovated your home. The process can improve indoor air quality, increase HVAC system efficiency, and extend its lifespan. To schedule an air duct cleaning service in your home, call (661) 215-6679 today.



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