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Signs You Need an Emergency Heat Pump Service

Signs You Need an Emergency Heat Pump Service

Signs You Need an Emergency Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps provide reliable heating and cooling, but an older, worn down, or neglected system may require emergency heat pump service. There are a few signs you need to call an emergency heating company. A heat pump should last about 15 years. Whether it’s not that long since it was installed or the unit has exceeded that mark, promptly calling a contractor can prevent higher repair or replacement costs.

The most obvious signs you need to call an emergency heat pump service include:

The System Is Not Running

Your heat pump not turning on in extreme temperatures is a cause for concern. Before calling for help, check whether a circuit breaker has tripped. Resetting it should restore the system. Also, check whether the thermostat is set correctly and adjust it as needed. 

Otherwise, the reversing valve may have failed or, if the heat pump clicks when it’s supposed to turn on, the starter capacitor may need to be replaced. A professional will also look for other damaged or failed parts that can prevent the system from starting.

You’re Not Getting Heat

A heat pump can be reversed, so check it’s set to heat mode before calling for help. If it’s in heating mode and cold air is blowing, a contractor may have to service the reversing valve. A clogged filter can also prevent the unit from providing heat, so change it if necessary before doing anything else. If there’s still no heat, call an emergency heat pump service provider to check for issues such as low refrigerant levels or a refrigerant leak.

The Heat Pump Won’t Provide Cool Air

When the unit won’t blow cool air, check the thermostat setting and lower the temperature or switch modes if necessary. If resetting the thermostat doesn’t help, consider the situation an emergency. A professional will look for issues such as a faulty connection with the thermostat or low refrigerant. However, if the air is blowing lukewarm, dirt may be clogging the filter or the inside of the heat pump.

There Are Loud Noises From the Unit

Strange noises such as grinding, gurgling, or hissing can indicate different types of problems. But they all mean something inside the heat pump is broken or not working like it should. A professional will thoroughly inspect the unit to determine the source of the problem and fix it before your heat pump breaks down.

Your Heat Pump Is Emitting Foul Odors

Your sense of smell can be an asset when determining whether to call for heat pump repair. A musty smell can mean mold is growing in the unit, while a burning odor can mean there’s mechanical damage or a problem with wiring or another electrical component. Other foul smells can potentially come from dead animals or insect infestations.

The System Freezes

If airflow is restricted, ice can form on the coils. The ice insulates the coil and prevents heat transfer, so the system will provide even poorer temperature control. A refrigerant leak can also cause freezing, which can be dangerous as the substance is corrosive and toxic.

Airflow Is Weak

An air pressure imbalance can damage the heat pump. It is often evident by low airflow and/or whistling noises from vents. Some parts of your home may also feel drafty. Weak airflow can impact heating or cooling performance and cause the unit to work harder, which can increase your energy bills. 

The Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

Your heat pump should turn on and off at regular intervals. If it runs only for a short time before shutting off again, the system will be strained and use more energy. The problem can lead to major repairs. But it can mean there’s a problem with the thermostat or compressor.

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

A high electricity bill often means your heat pump isn’t working properly. That’s because it will consume more power if something is wrong. If your utility bill suddenly spikes or rises incrementally over time with no change in usage or the power company’s rates, call an emergency heat pump service company. A technician will determine if the unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

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