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7 Indications You Should Call a Pro for Water Heater Repair

7 Indications You Should Call a Pro for Water Heater Repair

7 Indications You Should Call a Pro for Water Heater Repair

Some signs you need a water heater repair professional are subtle. The symptoms may not seem serious until you’re left with a cold shower. But you can reduce the chances of a water heater breakdown by calling a pro for these seven indications you need water heater repair.

1. Water Won’t Stay at the Right Temperature

If the water temperature starts fluctuating and you haven’t made any adjustments, there’s likely a problem with your water heater. The issue is often due to mineral deposits accumulating inside the unit. These can damage the heating element, a burner, or other components. The system can be restored only if a professional removes the buildup.

2. Your Water Gets Only Lukewarm

The water may not get warm enough for several reasons. If it’s only lukewarm, check the water heater’s settings; if the unit is set to a lower temperature, raise its thermostat. Perhaps you’re using more hot water at home, causing the supply to run out quicker, or it’s unusually cold outside. Otherwise, a burner, pilot light, or heating element may malfunction.

3. No Hot Water At All

If there’s no hot water, this is a good reason to call for water heater repair. First, check if the unit has fuel, if you have a gas system, and if the gas line connection is secure. If it’s an electric water heater, check if the power switch was turned off or the circuit breaker has tripped. You’ll need a professional if there’s a gas line/connection, electrical, or mechanical problem with your water heater.

4. Changes in Water Quality

Rust-colored water indicates corrosion inside your water heater, especially if it appears only when the hot water tap is on. Rusty water from both the hot and cold taps points to a pipe problem. If the water is cloudy or has debris in it, tastes metallic, or has a rotten-egg odor, call for help. These are signs your water heater is deteriorating and in need of repair.

5. Water Appears Near the Water Heater

Water heater leaks tend to be slow but indicate substantial damage. Don’t wait to call a plumber if you see some water trickling down the side of your water heater. Corrosion may have caused a small hole. A more significant break in the tank can cause hot water to flow out much faster, possibly leading to water damage in your home. It can also cause burns if someone comes into contact with it.

6. The Water Heater Makes a Lot of Noise

Most water heaters make a little noise. If the unit gets louder over time or the noise becomes more frequent, it’s probably time for water heater repair. Increased noise can mean dirt and mineral deposits are building up in the tank. The buildup can also reduce the system’s efficiency and increase energy costs. If you hear banging, popping, cracking, tapping, sizzling, screeching, or knocking sounds from the water heater, call a professional to determine whether to flush, repair, or replace the unit.

7. Low Hot Water Pressure

If mineral deposits have accumulated inside the water heater, hot water pressure can fall.  The same minerals, including calcium and magnesium, can accumulate in pipes and cause blockages. A faulty valve can also reduce water pressure. Another reason for weak flow is that your water heater is aging and declining performance.

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