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Green Technology That’s Easy on the Budget

For over 50 years, heat pump systems have been valued for economical residential heating and cooling. With today’s emphasis on green technology, heat pumps have gained even more favor for their energy-efficiency and low environmental impact. Today, a growing number of California homes use heat pump systems for heating and cooling, and improved technologies are expanding residential heat pump applications. As the premier indoor climate specialists in Bakersfield, CA and Fresno, CA, Monarch Home Services is the company to call whenever you need heat pump installation and heat pump repair.

How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

All heat pumps use the same basic components to provide energy-efficient heating in winter and low-cost cooling in summer:

  • A system of circulating refrigerant that extracts ambient heat from the air, ground or water.
  • A blower or fan that transfers this heat into your house for winter heating and out of your house for summer cooling.

Advantages of Heat Pump Technology

  • Heat is produced without burning fuel.
  • Utility costs are lower.
  • Operation is energy-efficient & non–polluting.
  • One unit delivers both heating & cooling.
  • Temperature & humidity control are improved.

Heat Pump Innovations for California Homeowners

In recent years, heat pump systems have become more energy-efficient and versatile. Much of California is an ideal location for heat pump installation, but in areas where winter temperatures regularly dip below 40°, these systems can be equipped with gas or electric burners that provide supplemental heat in colder weather. Other innovations include the mini-split heat pump, developed for homes without air ducts, and the reverse chiller, a system that generates hot and cold water to circulate in a radiant floor system.

California is also leading the way in the use of geothermal heat pump technology. GHP harnesses heat from the ground around your home and produces as much as a 70% savings in energy costs.

Heat Pump Installation & Repair From the HVAC Pros at Monarch

Heat pump systems are ideal for homes in the San Joaquin Valley, and Monarch Home Services is the company to call for heat pump service, including:

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