Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation & Service

Programmable Comfort for Your Central CA Home

Today’s “smart” Wi-Fi thermostats make it easy to save energy, monitor indoor climate and adjust the temperature in a few clicks from an app or smartphone. With the right wireless thermostat from Monarch Home Services, Bakersfield and Fresno homeowners enjoy total control of their cooling, heating and air quality systems.

The 5 “E”s: Benefits of Your Wi-Fi Thermostat

When appropriately matched to your HVAC system, wireless thermostats offer a number of proven benefits:

  • Enhanced comfort. Programmable thermostats learn your schedule and home climate preferences, so they automatically adjust to your lifestyle. And if the temperature isn’t “just right,” use your mobile app to adjust it—anywhere, anytime.
  • Energy savings. Heating and AC account for more than half of your home’s utility costs. When you take control with a smart thermostat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the energy savings. Smart thermostats are easily programmed to lower the temperature when you’re sleeping, at work or on vacation.
  • Ease of use. Gone are the days of complicated programmable thermostats. Today’s highly rated Wi-Fi thermostats are designed with simple screen designs, easy programming and user-friendly companion apps.
  • Energy analysis. The best wireless thermostats track your energy use and provide easy-to-understand reports. Over time, eco-savvy homeowners can learn from these reports and find new avenues for energy savings.
  • Emergency alerts. Program your companion app to deliver real-time notifications about power outages, temperature fluctuations and more.

In addition to enhanced comfort and utility savings, Monarch-installed smart thermostats are simply and attractively designed—so they won’t detract from your home’s décor. Discuss Wi-Fi thermostat options with a Monarch home climate specialist by calling 888.834.2571.

Schedule Wireless Thermostat Installation

Advanced Wi-Fi thermostats from Monarch Home Services offer precision temperature control in a smart, intuitive package. For a modest investment, you’ll optimize your indoor comfort and minimize frustrating energy waste. Your wireless thermostat can also be programmed to control indoor air quality equipment like air filtration systems, air cleaners, humidifiers and more.

Get smart about home climate. Call 888.834.2571 to schedule a free HVAC installation or wireless thermostat consultation. For your convenience, Monarch has twin locations in Fresno, CA and Bakersfield, CA. Proudly serving central California, our NATE- and EPA-certified team is available 24/7 to handle your heating or cooling emergency.

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