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What Does It Mean to Have an AC Tune-Up?

What Does It Mean to Have an AC Tune-Up?

You’re most likely familiar with AC maintenance, but what does the term “AC tune-up mean? A tune-up can prevent breakdowns and increase an air conditioner’s safety, efficiency, and lifespan. We suggest scheduling an AC tune-up annually. To help you understand its significance, we’ll explain what it means to tune up your AC system.

What Is an AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up includes a wide range of AC maintenance tasks. It is essentially three services rolled into one. A licensed HVAC technician arrives at your home with the tools and equipment needed to ensure your air conditioning system is in top shape. An AC tune-up means they will:

  • Inspect Your AC System: The technician will perform a complete inspection of your air conditioning system, including the air filter, coils, start and run capacitors, fan motors, belts, bearings, and the condensate drain. They will also check the system pressure and measure the refrigerant level. To ensure they don’t miss any key details, the technician will follow a checklist that includes all the tasks needed to fully evaluate the condition and performance of your AC.
  • Clean Major Components: Next, the technician will clean your air conditioner and probably also your furnace. The first step is to clean or replace the air filter, depending on the type you have. Cleaning an AC will include washing the coils if they are dirty. Next, the outdoor unit will be inspected. After clearing leaves and debris from its exterior and around its perimeter, the technician will open the unit to inspect and clean coils, fins, and other components.
  • Perform Minor Repairs: An AC tune-up can also include service to your AC system. While inspecting and evaluating the unit, a technician may find a worn-out part, such as a belt or motor bearing. It will be replaced even if it’s not causing a problem now. Small leaks can also be fixed. Addressing these issues can prevent bigger problems and expensive repairs down the road. This is one of the greatest benefits of scheduling an annual AC tune-up.

What Else Does an AC Tune-Up Entail?

Your air conditioning system has a lot of moving parts. Eventually, they will wear out. But during a tune-up, they can be lubricated to reduce the rate of wear and tear. The technician will also inspect the electrical components. Exposed wiring can be replaced, while loose connections can be tightened to prevent further damage.

Your HVAC technician will inspect your ductwork. They’ll look for signs of contamination, which can affect AC performance and indoor air quality. Air leaks, caused by holes, tears, and poor duct connections, can lead to substantial energy loss and equipment strain. If necessary, the contractor will perform duct cleaning and sealing to minimize leakage.

Measuring the temperature drop at the supply and return registers helps a technician see how well your AC is working. It can help determine whether to make any adjustments. Using different gauges, they can record operating pressures and temperatures and compare them to the manufacturer’s specifications. They’ll also measure the voltage and amperage of various mechanical and electrical components. Any variations from normal parameters can help them troubleshoot potential issues and find solutions.

What a Tune-Up Can Mean for Your AC

On average, an AC tune-up takes about an hour. However, the process can yield substantial savings thanks to improved efficiency. It can also prevent breakdowns, major repairs, and incurring the costs of replacement parts and emergency service fees. AC manufacturers usually recommend service in the spring, before your system is in high demand for the cooling season. Summer is when an air conditioning system is stressed the most and most likely to break down.

A tune-up not only means your AC is correctly maintained and serviced. It can also comply with the terms of the warranty. Most manufacturers require proof of annual preventative service, or you may be denied coverage for repairs. A tune-up can save you later if AC repairs are needed, but it’ll also keep it running like new.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up with Monarch Home Services

Our NATE- and EPA-certified technicians will ensure your AC is ready to handle a hot Southern California summer. And even if the heating season is approaching, having them check your AC and furnace can ensure your HVAC system is in good health. It can also improve your comfort and well-being. To schedule your next AC tune-up, call (661) 215-6573 today.

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