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Show Your Home Some Love!

Show Your Home Some Love!

Owning a home allows you to make a living space that works for you and your family. However, it also means taking responsibility for the systems that help keep you and your family comfortable. Your air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and water heaters are all important and deserve to be cared for. With these tips, you can take care of these systems, prolong their lives, and keep your home comfortable.

Air Conditioner

There are many tips homeowners can use to keep their air conditioning running efficiently and prolong its lifespan. Including changing the air filter regularly this will help improve airflow and create less strain on the system’s motor. Also, make sure that all vents in your home are open and able to circulate air throughout your home consistently.


When it comes to taking care of your home’s heating system it’s important to check for dust or dirt buildup on or around vents, grilles and registers; if too much dirt accumulates, it could clog the system and impair its performance. Similar to taking care of your air conditioning and cooling system it is also important to make sure that you leave your vents open.

Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air pollution levels can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. To improve the air quality inside their homes, homeowners should prioritize regular maintenance on heating and cooling systems, ensure proper ventilation, regularly vacuum and dust surfaces, keep pets clean with regular baths, and avoid using harsh chemical-based cleaning products or odor eliminators. Additionally, smoker or non-smoker household members should smoke outdoors only to prevent any build-up of toxins in the house.

Water Heaters

Improving the efficiency of a water heater is an important way for homeowners to not only reduce their environmental footprint, but also lower their monthly utility bills. One simple way to do this is by setting the temperature to no higher than 120°F and maintaining it there. Installing an insulator on your water heater’s pipes can also help reduce heat loss. In addition, flushing the tank annually to get rid of sediment buildup will ensure that the appliance functions properly and efficiently.

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