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How to Avoid Needing Emergency Water Heater Repair

How to Avoid Needing Emergency Water Heater Repair

How to Avoid Needing Emergency Water Heater Repair

Monarch Home Services is available 24/7 to provide emergency water heater repair; however, the need for it can be avoided. There are a few ways to prevent your water heater from failing. While every model will eventually need fixing, preventing a major malfunction is possible so you’re not surprised by icy cold or scalding hot water. Here are our tips on avoiding emergency water heater repair:

  • Check the Tank: Once in a while, take a few moments to inspect your water heater tank. Issues to look for include water pooling on the floor, moisture on the tank, rust on the tank surface, and loose plumbing connections. Call a plumber if you notice these or other problems. They’ll only get worse if you wait.


  • Flush the Tank: Experts recommend flushing a water heater tank once or twice a year. The process requires just a few steps, but we suggest contacting us to have one of our trained plumbers drain sediment from the tank. It must be done correctly to avoid damage, injuries from scalding water, or functional issues related to mineral build-up.


  • Secure the Water Heater: Strapping the water heater down can prevent it from falling over suddenly or toppling in an earthquake. Kits with heavy-gauge metal straps that secure the unit to a wall are available. You can do this yourself with the proper tools or hire a plumber to help. They can avoid the need for emergency water heater repair.


  • Insulate Your Water Heater: Hire a professional to install foam insulation around the heater and the pipes connected to it. An HVAC professional is generally most qualified for this. While insulation doesn’t directly prevent the need for repairs, it can reduce heat loss, prevent freezing, and stop your water heater from overworking itself, which can cause serious damage. It can also increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.


  • Check the Anode Rod: The anode rod protects the tank from internal corrosion. It should be checked by your local plumber during an annual inspection. Since this vital component attracts corrosive materials, it wears out after a few years. Replacing it is routine, so a technician can quickly install a new one and ensure your water heater remains protected.


  • Keep the Surrounding Area Clean: Too much clutter around your water heater can cause it to overheat. It may then need costly repairs or fail prematurely. Therefore, clearing debris and obstructions can prolong the system’s life; it will also provide a maintenance or repair professional with sufficient workspace to do their job more efficiently.


  • Schedule Immediate Repairs: Don’t procrastinate when something is wrong with your water heater. If there’s no hot water, it’s too hot, or the temperature fluctuates, call for help right away. Other signs of trouble include rumbling or banging noises, rusty water, or a leaking unit. Prompt repairs can avoid costlier problems and prolong the unit’s life, so you don’t have to replace it as soon.


  • Check the Temperature Setting: Look at the temperature gauge every six months. The ideal temperature is around 120℉ or less. If the setting is near 140℉ or higher, lower it to avoid wasting energy, a malfunction, or injury by scalding water.


  • Choose a Reputable Plumbing Company: Reputable plumbers use high-quality parts and materials, which reduce wear and tear and help a water heater last longer. A reputable business will also take other steps to ensure you don’t need emergency water heater repairs anytime soon.


  • Schedule Annual Inspections: The best way to avoid costly water heater repairs is to have it inspected by a professional every year. Even if the system seems to be running normally, don’t neglect maintenance. It can save you a lot of money in repairs or early replacement, even if small issues are found and need a quick fix.

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