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When to Call a Fresno AC Repair Professional


Nobody wants to be without air conditioning during a Central California summer. But no matter how well you care for your AC, it can develop problems. The sooner you call a professional, the sooner the issue can be resolved, and more serious damage can be avoided. Here are a few situations when you should call a Fresno AC repair professional:

The AC Won’t Turn On

If your AC doesn’t run, it may seem obvious to call for help. However, not every cause requires a professional. For example, if the thermostat isn’t set correctly, its batteries are dead, or a circuit breaker trips, you can resolve the matter without a technician. But if you can’t find the reason or there’s a leak or mechanical or electrical problem, you’ll need a trained professional to locate and fix the issue.

Weak Airflow

Less air blowing from the vents can mean there’s a clog somewhere in the system. It could be due to a dirty filter, debris in an air duct, or a clogged compressor. A lack of airflow reduces the unit’s cooling ability, while poor circulation can reduce indoor air quality. Therefore, you should not delay calling for Fresno AC repair, as there could be serious consequences.

Warm Air Is Blowing

If your AC blows warm air in the summer, there could be a refrigerant leak or an issue with the thermostat. A ductwork leak can allow warm air to infiltrate through the crawl space or attic. Or, the compressor may be unable to cool the air. A lack of cooling is a sure sign you should call an AC repair professional.

Your Home Smells Bad

Whiffs of musty-smelling air can mean mold is growing in your ductwork. Metallic burning odors indicate an even more serious hazard. There could be burnt insulation or a wiring problem, which is an immediate fire danger. Call for help to restore your safety and comfort and to eliminate any health hazards from your air conditioner.

The AC Sounds Bad

Noise is a clear indication you need Fresno AC repair. This is not a subtle sign. Oftentimes, a broken fan motor, failed bearing, worn-out belt, or loose part will cause sudden and dramatic sounds. Call for help if you hear whistling, grinding, rattling, clicking, buzzing, shrieking, squealing, or other noises that are hard to ignore.

The Unit Cycles More Frequently

When an AC short cycles, it can wear out more quickly and work less efficiently. The issue can lead to high repair bills and increased energy costs. A thermostat issue, clogged filter, or low refrigerant level can cause short cycling. Schedule service before the issue leads to more serious damage.

Moisture in Ducts/Higher Humidity

Are you experiencing increased humidity? This AC issue should be fixed before it causes comfort, indoor air quality, and mold issues. You may feel clammy or notice condensation on windows and other surfaces. Moisture in ducts is another sign of a problem and can indicate a leaky duct, damaged part, or malfunctioning AC unit. A trained technician can isolate the cause of the issue and perform the necessary repairs.

Your Energy Bill Increases

Many AC problems can cause the unit to consume more energy. Even a dirty filter or clogged condenser coil can make it run less efficiently. If repairing the unit is too expensive or your AC is nearing the end of its life, a contractor may suggest replacing it.

Contact Monarch Home Services

At Monarch Home Services, our NATE- and EPA-certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide emergency AC repairs. We can address an AC breakdown or prevent one altogether. Our licensed professionals are fully trained in all types of repairs, big and small, and provide 5-star service. To request Fresno AC repair, call (661) 215-6737 and we’ll send someone to your home right away.


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