Water Heater Installation & Replacement

Meet Our Fast, Friendly Water Heater Pros

Your water heater may fail at the worst possible time, so the Monarch Home Services team is on-call and ready to respond quickly. Helping you select a tank-type or tankless model to suit your budget and lifestyle, Monarch technicians provide best-in-class installation that guarantees your new water heater’s performance, energy efficiency and safety.

Types of Water Heaters

Monarch Home Services is an HVAC and water heater expert specializing in high-efficiency water heaters for Fresno homes. Ask your Monarch professional about these water heater types:

  • Tank-style water heaters: Tank water heaters heat and store 50 to 70 gallons of water at a time. When you come to the end of your tank, it takes time for more hot water to be produced. Large families or heavy water users may find that a tankless option serves them better.
  • Tankless water heaters: Housed in a small, compact cabinet without the need for a tank, your tankless water heater provides unlimited, on-demand hot water. Tankless models save space, reduce energy waste and eliminate the chance for tank rupture or flooding. Though they cost more upfront, tankless heaters save money, month to month. They are also an environmentally friendly choice for eco-savvy homeowners.
  • Importance of Quality Installation

    Your water heater is one of the most important devices in your home, so professional installation is key. A properly installed water heater performs more efficiently, lowers utility bills, and lasts longer. Proper maintenance of your water heater also satisfies important warranty requirements. Your Monarch Home Services technician is trained and certified to install, repair and maintain all major brands and models.

    The Monarch Difference

    Built on decades of experience, Monarch Home Services is your single source for water heater, air conditioning, heater and air quality expertise. Specializing in residential service, we are proud to serve homeowners in Fresno and Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

    To request service, call 888.834.2571. To print the latest Monarch coupons, click here. For more information about our water heater services, Ask a Monarch Expert. It is our pleasure to provide you with prompt service, responsive follow-through—and cutting-edge technology that transforms your home comfort.