Tank Water Heater Installation & Repair

Meet the Bakersfield, CA Water Heater Experts

Central California water heaters come in several types. Conventional water heaters store 50 to 70 gallons of hot water in a large tank for use throughout the day, while tankless models heat water on demand without the need for a storage tank. Though tankless models are popular due to their high-efficiency performance, they cost more upfront. If budget is a concern or you have a small family, a tank style may be the better option. Tank water heaters are cheaper to purchase and easy to install and maintain—making them a wise choice for many central CA homeowners.

Water Heater Installation & Service

Once your certified Monarch technician has helped you choose the best water heater for your home, we provide best-in-class installation for the new appliance. Improper water heater installation could endanger your safety and may lead to costly energy waste. Monarch Home Services delivers your new water heater, disposes of the old one and guarantees a high-quality installation you can trust.

After installing your heating device, our EPA-certified techs educate you about the importance of water heater care and maintenance. We specialize in hot water heater maintenance and offer competitively priced Maintenance Agreements that adhere to water heater warranty requirements. A licensed plumber provides your annual safety inspection and check-up and can assist you in maintaining appliance records.

Schedule Water Heating Repairs or Service

Traditional water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years, depending on the model. If your water heater is failing or your energy bills are rising, call the Bakersfield or Fresno water heater pros: 888.834.2571. Offering free estimates on new equipment, our licensed team installs and repairs ENERGY STAR®-rated tank-type and tankless water heater models from leading manufacturers. To request hot water heater repair online, click here.

Need central CA water heater service? Check Monarch’s exclusive online coupons! We’re homeowners, ourselves, so we understand the stress of home maintenance. With fair, upfront pricing that respects your budget, we’re transforming the home comfort industry.