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Unmistakable Symptoms That Warrant Calling for Air Conditioner Repair

An air conditioning problem can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and expensive. To make matters worse, it tends to occur on the hottest day or night. It may seem like an AC fails suddenly, but most units show subtle or not-so-subtle signs of a brewing problem. Therefore, call for air conditioning repair if any of these symptoms occur:

Your AC Refuses to Provide Cool Air

An air conditioner is designed to remove heat, not blow it back into your home. Call a repair company if the airflow isn’t cool enough or is warm. The reasons range from a clogged filter or dirty coil to a refrigerant leak or failed compressor. Fixing the system may or may not be expensive, but it will only get costlier the longer you wait.

Airflow Is Limited

Weak airflow can be due to a failing compressor or ductwork issue. Sometimes the cause is as simple as a clogged filter or a blocked vent, which you can fix before calling an air conditioner repair technician. However, a range of problems can restrict airflow, even if the AC is still providing cool air, or cause air not to blow at all. A lack of circulation can make rooms very uncomfortable.

The Thermostat Won’t Respond

The thermostat measures temperature, communicates with your AC, and can sense whether it’s running or not. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, your air conditioner may not run long enough or not turn on at all. A thermostat problem can occur due to an issue inside the controller or with an electrical component or connection.

Your AC Is Noisy

Faulty air conditioners tend to be louder than healthy ones. A loud squealing, grinding, grating, scraping, hissing, whistling, or other unusual sound should prompt you to call a technician. The issue may involve a major mechanical or electrical component, so don’t try to resolve it yourself. The sooner a professional arrives to help, the more likely you can avoid more costly damage from strained, broken, or burnt-out parts.

Unusual Odors When the AC Is On

A strong burning smell can mean a wire in the unit has burnt out. An overheating motor or failing capacitor can also be the cause, as can an insulation problem or strain from a dirty filter that restricts airflow. If there’s a musty smell, mold may be growing in the condensate line, ductwork, or another part of the system. Unusual odors can signify a serious problem, so call an air conditioner repair professional ASAP.

Increased Moisture or Humidity

Moisture collecting around the unit can mean the drain tube is blocked or the refrigerant is leaking. If ice has developed on the coils, it can melt onto the surfaces below. Call a technician to address the underlying cause to avoid further damage, mold, or exposure to the poisonous refrigerant. And if your home is more humid, your air conditioner may need to be repaired.

Your Energy Bill Is Too High

Electric bills are typically higher during the cooling season. If they’re higher than usual and stay that way all year, your AC may be working harder because of a leak, clog, or mechanical problem. Heating and cooling account for a big portion of your energy bill, so an unexplained spike in costs often points to an AC problem.

Call Monarch Home Services for Air Conditioner Repair

Our NATE- and EPA-certified technicians provide all types of AC repairs. Available 24/7, they address emergencies and fix ACs to avoid more expensive situations. We’re known for prompt repairs and cost-saving deals, maintenance plans, and financing options. For air conditioner repairs in Central California, call (661) 215-6573 today.

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