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Can Duct Sealing Improve Air Quality?

Can Duct Sealing Improve Air Quality?

Can Duct Sealing Improve Air Quality?

Duct sealing can contribute to improved indoor air quality and safety. Leaky, cracked, or loosely connected ducts can let polluted air in and allow conditioned air to escape. The impacts can range from increased dust and allergy symptoms to reduced comfort and higher energy and AC repair costs. We’ll now answer the question, “Can duct sealing improve air quality?” by explaining how it may help mitigate these issues.

Duct Sealing Can Reduce Airborne Contamination

Small holes and cracks in an air duct can allow many types of airborne pollutants into the system. Once these enter your ductwork, they can circulate repeatedly in your home. Contaminants that duct sealing can keep out include:

  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen 
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Debris from loose insulation
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Fumes from cleaning chemicals
  • Chemicals used in your garden
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Rodents and insects
  • Bacteria and viruses

Duct Sealing Can Alleviate Allergy/Asthma Symptoms

Dust, particles, and debris that enter unsealed ducts can trigger asthma attacks. If you have allergies, leaky ducts can contribute to sneezing, runny nose, coughing, congestion, itchy and watery eyes, and sore throat. The effects depend on the pollutants present. For example, exposure to some fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, and other symptoms.

Duct Sealing Can Prevent Backdrafting

Poorly sealed ducts can increase your risk of exposure to gases, including carbon monoxide, from appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, and dryers. These home appliances have ventilation systems that remove harmful gases from your home. If there’s a problem with ventilation, a leaky duct can allow harmful substances to mix with circulating air. This is called back drafting. Duct sealing can prevent and mitigate it, thereby improving indoor air quality.

Duct Sealing Reduces Airborne Debris

Debris in the air, from many sources, can contribute to irritation and discomfort. Increased dust, whether floating in the air or visible on surfaces, can contain pieces of drywall, construction debris, or even asbestos that can damage lung tissue. Breathing in any particles can be harmful. Duct sealing prevents them from entering your air supply, so you’re not constantly inhaling debris.

Duct Sealing Helps Improve Humidity Control

Leaky ducts can introduce moisture on top of causing your HVAC system to work less effectively (in and of itself, this can reduce humidity control). High humidity levels and condensation can create an environment where mold can grow. So, humid air not only feels warmer and stickier. It can allow potentially toxic mold to spread throughout your ductwork and other parts of your home. Duct sealing is an effective way to avoid high humidity and mold.

Duct Sealing Helps Improve Temperature Control

Temperature control is an indoor air quality issue. If it’s too warm or too cold, comfort, sleep quality, productivity, and even your health can be impacted. Uneven temperatures from room to room can affect the well-being of everyone in your household. They’re also a sign your ductwork and HVAC system needs to be checked by a professional. 

Duct sealing can reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system. Therefore, it will be able to maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Schedule Duct Sealing that Can Improve Air Quality

Monarch Home Services provides duct sealing in Fresno, Bakersfield, and throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Leaky ducts can reduce indoor air quality. But duct sealing can keep contaminants out, reduce odors, and improve temperature and humidity control. It can also prevent the loss of conditioned air that makes your HVAC system work harder.

In addition to duct sealing, our NATE- and EPA-certified HVAC technicians provide duct cleaning that can also improve air quality. They can check for cracked, bent, disconnected, torn, or loose ducts that may require repairs or installing a new duct system. They can provide the latest air filtration systems as well. Call (661) 215-6745 to request service and receive your free quote.

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