Heating Replacement & Installation in Bakersfield & Fresno, CA

Maintaining Home Comfort in Winter

Busy Californians don’t have time to wait for their homes to warm up on cold winter mornings. They want to slide out of bed and go about their morning activities in preset comfort. With central heating systems and programmable Wi-Fi thermostats, it’s easy to take indoor climate comfort for granted. When an aging system slows down or a heating failure disrupts your morning routine, it is time to consider heating system replacement.

Heating Options for California Homes

  • Furnaces: The most common heating system installation in California homes is the natural gas or electric furnace. Furnaces require ductwork and venting and are often paired with central air conditioning units. System improvements like electronic ignitions, sealed combustion and better insulation have raised the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings for gas-fired furnaces to a range of 80 to 98%, making them energy-efficient and economical to operate.
  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps don’t consume fuel, so they are non-polluting and highly energy-efficient. These systems use refrigerant technology to move heat from outdoors to indoors. In summer, the transfer process is reversed and heat is removed from your home for cooling. Traditional air-source heat pumps require ductwork to deliver the heated or cooled air to different areas of your house and, if properly sized and insulated, they deliver economical indoor comfort.
  • Mini-split & ductless systems: These heat pump systems are designed for heating installation in older homes without ductwork and for new construction with a lack of attic space for ducts. They are also very practical as heater replacements in room additions or remodeled spaces.
  • Radiant heat, solar & geothermal heating systems: The past decade has seen great advances in alternative energy sources for residential heating. Circulating hot-water heated floors, rooftop solar collectors and geothermal heat pumps have become desirable and effective heater replacement alternatives for California homes.

Trust the Monarch Team for Heating Installation

If it is time to replace your aging heating system or you’re planning to build a new house or renovate your existing home, call the Monarch Home Services pros for a free consultation. Our NATE- and EPA-certified specialists will take you through the pros and cons of heat pumps, furnaces and state-of-the-art heating alternatives. Then, when you’re ready to invest in a heater replacement, our licensed and fully insured installation team will make sure the job is done right—the first time.

With Monarch, the focus is on you: your comfort, your budget, your schedule and your satisfaction. Call 888.834.2571 to request a free consultation. For your convenience, you can reach us online, 24/7!