Air Conditioning Repair in Bakersfield, CA & Fresno, CA

Monarch Restores Your Comfort—Fast!

During hot California summers, your air-conditioned home is a haven from the sweltering summer heat. When your AC breaks down, discomfort, loss of productivity and even health problems can follow. You need air conditioner repair service in a hurry! No problem: the NATE- and EPA-certified cooling technicians at Monarch Home Services are on call 24/7 for emergency AC repair. With offices in both Bakersfield, CA and Fresno, CA, our technicians cover the South Central Valley.

Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

The quiet comfort of today’s energy-efficient air conditioners makes it easy to forget about the mechanical systems behind it. Like all equipment, air conditioners can lose efficiency, wear out parts and eventually break down. Homeowners should be aware of these early warning signs that your AC unit needs attention:

  • Foul, musty odor indicating the drain might be clogged.
  • Weak air circulation, probably due to a loose fan belt or dirty air filter.
  • Long-running cycles & rising utility bills, clear signs of efficiency loss.
  • Loud operating noises, a clue that something is amiss with a motor or compressor.
  • Warmer than usual indoor temperatures, indicating a faulty thermostat or refrigerant leak.
  • Excessive humidity or dryness of indoor air, a sign of improper sizing or function.

To avoid a complete breakdown and loss of air conditioning at the least convenient time, call Monarch Home Services at 888.834.2571 to schedule AC inspection. Monarch technicians are trained and certified to work on all makes, models and types of cooling equipment including:

Scheduling a Monarch AC repair at the first sign of trouble could save you money in the long run. When left undone, small repairs often lead to the significant expense of parts or system replacement.

A Worry-Free Monarch AC Maintenance Agreement

Like most Californians, you probably have dozens of fun ways to spend your weekends. Why worry about the routine maintenance tasks that keep your air conditioner running at peak performance? Call 888.834.2571 to speak with a friendly Monarch service representative about convenient and budget-friendly maintenance plans or to schedule an AC repair visit.